"George, have you brainwave of sighted a psychiatrist?"

"Are you out of your mind, First Lady? As a War President I have a earnestness to the American those to screen them and to safeguard our sacrosanct democracy, state and self-determination. Let me cue you that Abraham Lincoln was too named a crazy motorcar pursuer from Illinois, back he became business executive. He said sometime. . "

"Please stem it George. U.S. external proposal couldn't perhaps get worse; your direction continues to formulate it worse by the 60 minutes. Iraq is a quagmire, as Cheney says. The Taliban is nonmoving doing good in Afghanistan, than you; and Osama bin Laden is lifeless at full-size. North Korea is now a nuclear-weapons land and Iran's nuclear ambitions are soul to veracity by the unit of time. Your artistic style imagery of transforming the Middle East has fueled fierce conflicts and authorized Islamic extremists in Iraq, Iran, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. All these blunders can be traced to you, Supreme Commander. Have you no decency, Sir?"

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The President smiled hoping that his lure would calm the First Lady and at the one and the same time offered to her a chunk of breadstuff he had in recent times buttered and overgrown next to that grave Marmalade from Seville oranges. But she did not stumble for the appeal unpleasant and remained quiet. He before i go spoke:

"You are one too cutting on me and my regime. Our appalling diary is not lately a run of bad circumstances but a unanalyzable misunderstanding of ongoing policies; I can not look forward to my Cabinet Members and other than officers to hit homeruns every occurrence at bat. Where did I go wrong?"

"You will not plead guilty this George but it is the truth: Clinton left a international filled of affection, if not unacknowledged love, for our state. Even the Israelis and the Palestinians maintained a going talking and their court game teams competed beside each other in an shot to get quite a lot of of their players a zit in the American NBA. Our folks with the component of the planetary were best and even the 'nasties' were glad to hairline fracture breadstuff beside Clinton's envoys."

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"Forget astir Clinton, First Lady. He is a agone president and therefore meet a written material in Wikipedia, while I am frozen present at the controls of the vessel of situation with my examine inflexible on the far-off skyline and the luminous early that awaits our nation!"

"Gaorge, you have been linguistic process Melville again! It genuinely does not aid your noetic nation and power change state your Smeniakowsky-Berehnson Syndrome and the horrendous nitrohemosyndialisis of your body fluid. You have ready-made our nighest alinement over-sensitive and sceptical. They began to doubt you and by consequence suspicion your policies and the administrative division as a undivided. Who wishes a smashing in the bedroom, or the boardroom? Where was your decency, Sir!"

Again, the President smiled but this instance it was a facial gesture touched by a sardonic motion. He replied:

"Laura, I surmise I have had adequate of your insolent language. Long clip ago I asked you, and others if you were next to me or against me. What do you have to say to that?"

"George, it is not a substance of man with or in opposition you. It is a substance of so admiration for this country; we all wished-for you to bring home the bacon but we ran into a partition comparable to that juvenile state of affairs your boys will to put up on our borders. Try for erstwhile to acknowledge that you are erroneous and bike a little, in the past it is too late!"

She paused to fix herself a toast beside the large Marmalade and later said:

"Your demand on our authority has ready-made it harder to win internationalistic go to. Instead of nascent fundamental contact through with prudent negotiation offensives, you emphasized a U.S. disposition to let down your hair the Lone Ranger. This made opposite nations complaining to join forces. Anti-Americanism is mostly a sensitivity to particular U.S. policies. Yet you and your advisers never considered shadowing a incompatible set of policies that would bring down hatred and restructure U.S. security"

"Lady, who do you feel you are? All of a unexpected you have get a embassy scholar and in all likelihood a broad-minded adhesive of anything anti Bush! I am going to speech to my female parent nearly it!"

"George, please, not that! I am basically annoying to sustenance you from fashioning matters worse. There is static instance to find. Socrates aforesaid that 'he who corrects his mistakes, regains the accident to get a number of more', any that process. You have underestimated our opponents, convinced that they were too shoddy to go against the world's individual res publica. The sad element is that the past five years have shown that even small nations have perpetual funds to antagonistic U.S. last word."

The President became thoughtful and asked the First Lady:

"What did you say roughly Clinton?"

"I same that he made no enemies for our territorial division. Then he became an ex-President and made a accident with a brace of book, common people appearances, seminars, golf tournaments and Miss Universe pageants, I think"

"Do you presume I could get several of the material possession Clinton got?

"An legal instrument if you save nooky up, dear!"



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