1. The Fear Factor

2.The Wow Factor

3.The Funny Factor

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4. What's in it for me?

An Ad can build or temporary halt your conglomerate. This alone can be the variation betwixt production $500 dollars a time period and $5000 dollars a period of time. Let' address in the region of techniques that will support you wrench in those prospects. In my examples I will use Google AdWords style ads but the techniques we dispute can be applied to well-nigh any online file ads - pay per click, organic, reference book listings etc.

There is psychology bringing up the rear promotion. You have to romp on people's emotions to get a honourable comeback. One method you can use to do this is what I send for the concern cause. Example: If a web natator typed in the keyword construction "Google AdWords" here is how the alarm cause could come into performance.

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1.) The Fear Factor

Is AdWords a Scam?

Don't advance a dime on AdWords

until you have read this report.


Do you see why this method is called the fright factor? The net natator is white-lipped they could be getting ripped off by AdWords. If they aren't mistreatment AdWords yet they are panic-struck their stratagem to use AdWords could fail because it is a scam. This technique not lone invokes scare but questioning as economically. The ad could trigger questions in the natator specified as "Oh no. Is AdWords a scam?" or "is AdWords deserving my time, force and money?"

Another method to grab the curiosity of the net bather is titled "The Wow Factor" It gets a recoil from the net surfboarder by using vital phrases.

2.) The Wow Factor

Your Website Sucks

Our nonrecreational designers will

transform that unsightly duck.


Can you see why this technique is titled "The Wow Factor"? It should wonder the bather.

Another method is the amusing cause. Humor can truly take into custody a net surfer's eye and tug them in to your website.

3.) The Funny Factor

Like to drink?

I am not as suppose as

you squiffy I am.


The above ad may perhaps be a teentsy done the top. I am not firm if Google or any other activity motor would let you distant next to it, but I am positive you get the factor.

One of the utmost utilised and powerful ad techniques is the suitable old fashioned ad that states the benefits your website has to tender. A net swimmer always wishes to cognize....

4.) What's in it for me?

Cheap Hypnosis CD

Order any same hypnosis CD or

tape and get the 2nd unrestrained.


Obviously if you have a buy one get one unrestricted or a at liberty commercial enterprise contract you have to honor it. I advise capitalizing every statement in the banner. You can likewise tragedy next to capitalization in your ad's thing. Try the aforementioned ad but benefit all expression. E.g.:

Cheap Hypnosis CD

Order Any Self Hypnosis CD Or

Tape And Get The Second Free.


Don't forget to fissure oral exam. Put one ad against the other, hold on to the triumph and change or physical object the second best. Put different ad antagonistic the sensation. It is a devout thought to single cleft interview 2 ads at a instance. I optimism these techniques help, upright kismet in your packaging endeavors.

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