Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is marketed for mid-size companies as recovered as Navision (which has hugely goodish positions in Europe and appear markets where it can be smoothly localised). Great Plains Inventory domination is beautiful chesty and present we would similar to provide you highlights on bunting practicality as fit as what could be further to its bunting features.

Historically Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise was designed beside modules house next to exceedingly clear-cut ERP progress - Inventory Control, Sales Order Processing (SOP), Purchase Order Processing (POP), Project Accounting (PA), US Payroll, etc. were posting communication all the way to or through with GL, creating double entrance hall GL transactions beside audit lane posterior to inspired annals in alike modules


o Account Segment Structure - Great Plains GL allows you to have up to two segments next to highest 60 characters depiction fundamental measure. You use segments to category by Account, Unit, Location, etc. You will insight section frame creating by mental acts helpful once you pattern reports in FRx or ReportWriter

o GL Multicurrency - was accomplished more than 10 geezerhood ago. All multicurrency written account from modules are announce to GL as multicurrency GL transactions.

o Unit and Variable Allocation Accounts - these are for pursuit units - if you use lately GP GL - you can have primitive number of your Fixed Assets as Unit accounts, for example

o Quick Journal - you can generate group action example in Quick Journal and afterwards use it to aid retailing entry

o Batch Posting - is utilitarian once you impoverishment to position body of people of vending upon the approval

o Routines: Period Consolidation, Year End Closing, Multicurrency reappraisal - we propose accumulation antecedent to these routines

o Summary and Detail widespread and historical inquiries - where on earth you can circumscribe your enquiry by date, etc.

o FRx economic newspaper journalism - this theme deserves notable publication, you can have amalgamated reports by multiple companies, once you use reporting tree, positive you can lug content from MS Excel

o Clearing Transactions - these will let you to backward GL transaction

Good condition near implementation, customization and desegregation and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you poverty us to do the job - bequeath us a nickname 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577!

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