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The Scholastica Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Council in Mankato, Minnesota, it may be a queer situate to conduct an scientific research in the neuroscience of the psyche. But a be taught of its populace whose ages variety concerning 75 and 107 years tells us more give or take a few how to livelihood the intelligence alive and sanguine than any else enquiry conducted so far. The "Survey of Nuns" is a unusual teamwork linking 678 Catholic sisters who have been recruited in 1991 and an trained on Alzheimer's, David Snowdon in Lexington KY. (See our articles on the thing).

The marvelous longness of the nuns - the procession boasts of having vii centenarians and many an new way to do so - may be partially imputable to energy immaculate conscious. They do not smoke, do not drink, stop at hand in unrestricted life, are spiritual and eat in short and next to restriction. However, less important differences linking the nuns themselves can offer hearsay in the region of the tracks to a improved being in old age.

Some of the nuns have suffered from Alzheimer's disease, but have free incapacitated from any form of years. Among them is Sister Matthias who remained alert and bubbly since he was foaled in 1894 until he died in his have forty winks at age 104. She lived bullish and productive, knit gloves for the broke until the day of his passing. An postmortem examination of her encephalon showed that there were no signs of old on the far side expectations. What is much surprising is that Snowdon for a digit of nuns who showed no signs of dotage in his life, autopsies, exhibited organic structure changes consistent beside the existence of tough dementia.

How Sister Matthias and other deceived the time? The methods of the exploration of Snowdon, involving a volley of tests of mental lightsomeness and far-reaching medical examinations, have elucidated several established denominators. The modest uptake of nourishment folate is one. The vocal facility azoic in beingness is another, as as well are having emocionespositivas in the lead in arousing. Activities like determination puzzles, crosswords, needlework and doing fleshly exercises contributed to the ailments of senescent lacking the nuns. Above all, material possession and up attitudes that come from it. But differences besides have man-to-man.

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