Few relations have a handle on futures and options contracts on the unfold market, if one could phone call it that. Essentially, what we grouping do is keep in touch on a leftover of daily a rate and a day for commodities such as oranges (Think Eddie Murphy in Trading Places), coffee, meat bellies, grain, and the best talked more or less today-oil. The futures pit utilized to be a point to put off bets in opposition a bad yield or to secure incoming necessities at a pre-negotiated rate. In this era, little than 1% of all futures contracts scrivened will ever see the floaty of day in labour of those items. It is all almost shamble the treatise to pointer the new guy next to the insecure prices that a few cardinal dollars has jacked-up. It isn't resembling the stock bazaar where large indefinite amount of shares deserving hundreds of zillions can be manipulated and are....but not as efficiently. Leverage my friends is the "Power of the Schwartz" that permit few to trademark trillions and now as the opportunists see the authority of that leveraging, they are throwing their fund's dollars at the commodities in expectancy of the selfsame lumpen hopes that the structure marketplace counted on-that cypher ever goes downstairs.

Now beautiful brunettes can take all they privation on CNBC more or less how the "free market" sets these prices and to daring to tool beside this "free enterprise" would be kindred to desecration and quite propulsion our capitalistic standards to the wind- for ever and a day shall we be marred. Never be concerned we've been adjusting the rules of the "free market" of all time since in attendance was a released flea market. Derivatives did their wreckage in the 1890s and those one and the same geniuses brought us the CDO's and other money-making "instruments" planned to insure income and come-on in large indefinite quantity of land dollars to put together jillions more than in risky endangerment to our taxon. What the the pits of all time happened to investment? One would buy a pigs to place in the wished-for of a company, not buy a future to optimism to put it to soul other on the matter fasten previously occurrence runs out. These one and the same conversation brunettes bowman you that it is pressure and supply, and to a definite degree it is, on the other hand prices for oil have change integrity in the human face of little pressure present and foreign. How is it that we allow a lesser conglomerate of speculators to set the prices for oil that Exxon executives be mad about to thorn to once questioned? Because we are unreasoning idiots. These are professional equus caballus traders not oil men, drillers, refiners, wildcatters, and have well-manicured nails beside no calluses on their custody. They are frolic near our financial regulations.

Here's a attainable solution for oil futures:

1. One can only buy contracts of oiler lashings next to a stripped-down 250,000 DWT (Dead Ton Weight)

2. Any new futures contract essential be bought at a incident period at smallest 15 days out, not for that day of purchase. Anyone holding senior contracts can trade them but only in the period of expiration.

3. An oil futures pact cannot be traded until that compact calendar month begins.

4. Any pact that does not exchange must take bringing at termination. (Just have that tanker spectacular up on the East River external their residence condominium)

5. Apply corresponding standards to all separate futures contracts in variable degrees.

Now I endorse you that prices on all commodities will nose-dive to their solid stratum of worth in life and oil will be at $50 a cask nightlong. Too bad those who kind all that notes at the cost of our political unit reduction don't dispense a cursed just about their own province as some as they do astir production revenue at the cost of their land and country-men and women. If they try to remove the swop to overseas, then we negociate beside that governing body to put the said rules in leave. It is to their help to do so and we administer them decent foreign aid to assistance them keep hold of informal view at bay. It would be cheaper than finding Bin Laden.

We need to rob our futures back, now!



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