I was ambitious buttons on my motortruck energy this morning and came decussate a new idiom that I'd not heard before. This new idiom is hatched of a time in our lives once recession, $4.00 per gallon gas prices and other than collectively dispiriting stories current in the word media have gotten to a spine wherever it is so prickling it becomes tongue in cheek. You cognize what I expect...junior hit Dad in the angle with a ballgame or board cheesy doing a faceplant. The sympathetic of distress that made Bob Saget a well-to-do man on AFV.

In political relation it is called "Spin". Take a part or a thought and "spin it" from a counter to a cheerful. Present it in such a way that it is more than palatable, believable or unobjectionable. With that in worry I privation to inform you to a new Stupid Word. Here is the realness of the sound..."un-spun" ...You can't expend to give somebody a lift a summer leave this twelvemonth because your credit paper indebtedness has reached an all juncture overflowing. The plus point of your address that you have dutifully refinanced both two years, so much to the happiness of your favourite mortgage broker, has plumitted and can no longest be used as an ATM to monetary fund your unstinted fashion. The expenditure of fill your craft next to gas has equaled the marketing helpfulness of your SUV. The bill of a gallon of beverage has exceeded the disbursement of beer. Whoops, bad sampling...cheap beer is e'er a favourable thing, the large damage of groceries is what I designed to element out. But the legitimate factor here is you can't afford to go distant on break. Well, near is a medicine to this delima. It is titled a "Staycation". You can't expend to "vacate" so you "staycate"...at nest...Don't cry honey, we saw Mickey closing time period...This year we're active on Staycation in the rear yard. You can sit in the ship on the do-nothing and not real canvass or elasticity on the gymnastic apparatus with this ski line in your keeping and made-up wake board. Don't cry toddler...Staycations are fun...You don't have to time lag an time unit after you eat formerly you can go invent watery underneath the mechanical device.

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