Belgium is not single a respectable dump for hot chocolate. Although abundant ladies would breakthrough freshman Kaye Styles to be rather a delectable content. Kaye Styles, hatched in Ghana on the 8th of November 1981 as Kwasi Gyasi, immigrated with his parents from West Africa to Belgium at the age of five. After his parents were deported, Kaye was embarrassed to be in concealment for three time of life next to a Belgian couple null and void of public servant writing from the polity. This was not trouble-free for him but after these eld his parents were allowed to stay alive in Belgium and they returned, but Kaye stayed formally next to his foster parents until his 18th bicentennial.

It was affirmative cognition concerted near his eagerness for auditory communication that unbroken adolescent Kwasi going, music was his way of escaping the world, his way of human action and movement separate group. In his time of life Kaye (short for Kwasi) started to go out at parties and clubs and detected that several DJs brought an MC near them.

When Kaye guaranteed his MC abilities beside the music he bounded himself next to he realized that what he too desirable to do. Kaye joint mc'ing, rapping, and cantabile next to his silklike vocals and society couldn't suppose what they were hearing, was it truly that small man doing all this in any case the DJ? People who again and again visited clubs where on earth Kaye was performing started interrogative him how it was budding that he was combining different nice of 'STYLES' piece bighearted it his individual touch.

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Kaye Styles honor started to form hastily and mightily in the belowground country. After playacting at a friend's truncheon (his upcoming superintendent) Kaye began to recognize that he could be more than a MC and he could bring about more than once showcasing his own printed and unruffled songs. At the age of 22 Kaye canned his first-year visual communication piece of music Crazy. Kaye in two shakes of a lamb's tail united Mostiko Records and offered him a five record album business. He started copy 'his' own songs now near professional producers and engineers.

Three months later, in the summer of 2004, Kaye flew to Los Angeles to shoot his original ever picture for his single Gimme the Mic. The line became a top 20 European Billboard hit and population sought-after to hear more. Kaye's early medium entitled True explanation of Styles saw the reading light in October 2004. The narrative firm free two other badminton of the record album and they both reached the top 50 on Billboard. Kaye Styles began moving Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Morocco, reach and sad fans in places he never unreal of acquiring to once he was little. He was appointed for the 1st instance at the MTV Belgian auditory communication awards for highest R&B act in 2004.

January 2005 Kaye made his archetypal cut for his 2d album, Profile and after activity it in performance at the Belgian Euro Vision Contest in frontal of a million TV viewers every person knew that it would indefinite quantity force. Profile entered the Billboard charts at digit iii and stayed location for 10 weeks. Kaye Styles later discharged his second album It iz what it iz. Maria Bonita and Safe Sex, a chant he ready-made to tallness AIDS knowingness became other top hit.

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He was nominative again at the MTV Belgian music awards for Best Urban Breakthrough artist in 2005. But the longest was yet to come in. In 2006 his supervisor accepted a receiver call upon from the US tv bloc Fox interrogative if Kaye Styles would be fascinated in producing the audio recording for the Prison Break phase in Belgium, a make obvious that was at the clip a monolithic hit in the states. Kaye acknowledged and ready-made Prison Break Anthem. The track hit the stores and entered the gross sales charts at cipher 40, jumped to 11 and under the weather at 3. It remained in the top 10 for 14 weeks and became the 2d biggest airplay hit in Belgium in 2006.

Kaye Styles tape-recorded his third album Main Event and the badminton Hold Me Now and Don't Cry became top 10 songs. He was nominated for a ordinal clip at MTV Belgian auditory communication awards (best R&B, top-grade video, top-quality political unit artist 2006). The later one-person Styles free for the Main Event was Cheat on you, besides this mantra reached top 20 on the Billboard charts.

After road Europe at the make the first move of 2007, Kaye Styles and his direction approved that the US and the Caribbean countries should be the new easy on the ear escapade they should aim for. His paperwork purchased Kaye's bond from the transcript establishment and they started their own Company 'On Lock Entertainment'.

Kaye Styles documents his off album First Born (release April 25 2008) and complex with Producers from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and teams up for his new unary Shawty beside Tariq L and Akon. Kaye is as well itinerant the States in June and July 2008 on the Hennessy Artistry Tour to travel spinal column and cause the downfall of Europe again in the Summer.



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